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K C and the Sunshine Band
Live Vegas Performance
On a recent trip to Las Vegas, Jay was invited to do a photo shoot with members of KC and the Sunshine Band. Lisa, Bill, and Kat accompanied Jay to Nelson, Nevada just outside of Las Vegas.
This desert location is a historic mining town complete with old buildings, a variety of vehicles, gas pumps, an old country store, old signs, and many interesting artifacts from the era. Nestled in El Dorado Canyon, this quaint tourist attraction is surrounded by scenic mountains and breathtaking desert vistas.
The Colorado River flows near-by. Nelson is a favorite haunt of photographers and is well-known for high fashion photo shoots.
Later that night after the photo shoot, Jay attended their concert and captured several performance images and a short video, seen in this clip:
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KC and the Sunshine Band - Live Vegas Performance
Photos and video clip by Jay, produced by Doente